SKU: 91646.011

The Sempre Mini Bluetooth cell phone Amplifier enables users to have conversations louder and clearer.

Simple Bluetooth pairing process to both Smartphones (e.g. -iPhone or Android) and basic (non-smart) phones (e.g. – Flip Phones).

The compact Sempre Mini is small and lightweight with built-in shirt clip or lanyard that makes it easy to carry and wear.

Strong amplification makes it ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss and exceptional voice quality through the built-in microphone.

Includes standard earbuds as well as extra loud binaural earbuds connecting to 3.5mm jack.

Multiple on-device controls offer a wide array of functions including answer/rejecting/terminating calls, answering a 2nd call, redialing numbers, voice activation/dialing (Siri, Google Assistant, etc.), and more.



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