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D702HS (angle). This is a white handset sitting in a white charging cradle.  At the top below the earpiece is the Clarity logo in black.  On the right of the display on the side are white buttons with up and down arrows. Below that is a screen that reads "Clarity 1-800-426-3738 with a battery indicator, ANS ON, 10:08PM" and a voicemail indicator on the bottom right of the screen with the date of 8/18 below it.  Below the screen is the keypad.  On the top row there are two white buttons and black button that are for speakerphone, RD/P and Boost.  Below those buttons on the left is a white button with a green handset, a black up and down arrow button and a white button with a red handset.  Below those are the nine digits on white buttons with black print, with the * and # on the bottom row.  The charging cradle is white with the Clarity logo in black on the bottom left corner.
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30dB Expandable Handset for Clarity® D700 Series Phones
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