Telephone Amplifiers

These are small devices that plug into the base of the phone and the handset receiver ‘curly cord’. Telephone amplifiers offer a portable and easy-to-install solution for those who need amplification on their existing phones. They are also a good solution for people who frequently travel and want to bring Clarity quality amplification to phones used on the go.

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XLCgo.  A black handset in a black charging cradle.  The earpiece is round and blow that is the Clarity logo in white. To the left of that is a drawing of a handset with a light indicator next to it.  In the middle is a large silver button with a green handset printed on it.  To the right of that is a drawing of a link with a light next to it to indicate if a wireless enabled device is paired to it.  Below the silver button is a black button that says BOOST and below that is a black button with a red handset printed on it.  On the right side of the handset is a power switch, a switch that says AUDIO MODE and a 3.5mm port and a USB-C charging port.
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Amplified Mobile Phone/DECT Expandable Handset Amplifier
HA40 (connected) to a white corded phone.  The HA40 has the Clarity logo in blue at the top with the words "telephone amplifier" below the logo.  There is a blue tone control switch on the right and a blue volume control switch on the left.  There is also a boost light and blue boost button on the bottom right corner.
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Portable Telephone Handset Amplifier
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