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Clarity offers the following class-leading products that are ADA compliant.

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Clarity AlertMaster AL10 (front). There is a beige doorbell on the left side with a grey circular button and a white bed shaker with a silver sticker that says BEDSHAKER and CLARITY on the right side.  In the middle is the AL10 unit.  It is a black box shape with a black antenna coming out of the top right side.  There are six visual indicators - three on each side. They are all clear with red lights in the background with white printing.  The top left has an illustration of a phone with the word PHONE under it, below that is an illustration of a clock with the word CLOCK under it and below that is a triangle with an ! in it with the word ALARM below it.  The icons on the right side are: an illustration of a door with the word DOOR under it, an illustration of a megaphone with the word SOUND under it and the last one is an illustration of a person running with the word MOTION under it.  The very top of the unit  shows three silver buttons.  In the middle is a display with red numbers that read 8:18 with the PM lit up.  AM and PM are on the left and the word ALARM is below the display on the bottom right.  Below the display in the center is a large silver button that says Clarity with an illustration of a light bulb below it.  To the left of that button are three silver buttons and top to bottom they say in black: SET ALARM, SET TIMER and SET HOUR.  To the right are three silver buttons top to bottom and they say in black: ALARM ON/OFF, TIMER ON/OFF and SET MINUTE.  Below these buttons in the center is the word ALERTMASTER in white.  The left and right sides of the unit are red to indicate a visual alert.
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Visual Alert System
HA40 (connected) to a white corded phone.  The HA40 has the Clarity logo in blue at the top with the words "telephone amplifier" below the logo.  There is a blue tone control switch on the right and a blue volume control switch on the left.  There is also a boost light and blue boost button on the bottom right corner.
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Portable Telephone Handset Amplifier
SR100 (angle). This is a white rectangular shaped unit with a speaker in the middle.  Below the speaker is the Clarity logo in blue. Below that in blue are the words SUPER LOUD PHONE RINGER.  On the right side is a switch that says VOLUME and below that is a switch that says TONE LO and HIGH.
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Super Loud Phone Ringer
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