Historical photo of Clarity engineers using audio test equipment in the 1980s.

It all began in 1969 with an engineer in North Georgia named Wesley Walker.

Wesley had redesigned a telephone-switching card for BellSouth. He used his telephony expertise to establish his own company—Walker Equipment—what is now known as Clarity.

In 1975, Wesley’s team began manufacturing handsets for public telephones. Two years later, in 1977, the company had a breakthrough with the patent of its Diode Bridge—a technology necessary for amplified handsets. Building on its success, the company developed the world’s smallest and lightest test set in 1984.

In 1986, Plantronics acquired Walker Equipment and opened international doors for the company. In 1989, the company introduced a patented amplification technology called Clarity Power™. By 1997, its telephones were being sold nationwide, and across Europe, through distribution partners and government programs in 26 states.

Behind the strength of its Clarity Power™ products, the company changed its name to Clarity. And over the last four decades, Clarity has grown to become the U.S. leader in amplified telephony. Along the way, the company has set a series of industry precedents including: first phone with digital sound processing in 2005; first cellphone for seniors in 2008; and first remote access technology for telephones in 2010. Clarity evolved its product line to help consumers with other needs they face as they age—not just hearing loss but low vision, mobility, dexterity and other issues.  Today, millions rely on Clarity to communicate at home, at work and throughout their lives.

Chart of Clarity Milestones. 1969: Clarity is founded by Bellsouth engineer Wesley Walker. 1975: Clarity begins making handsets for public telephones. 1977: Clarity patents the diode bridge for making amplified telephone handsets. 1984: Clarity develops the worlds' lightest and smallest handset test set. 1986: Clarity is acquired by Plantronics. 1989: Clarity introduces Clarity Power audio processing. 1999: Clarity introduces the first cordless phone for the hearing impaired. 2005: Clarity introduces the first phones with DCP digital audio amplification 2010: Clarity develops ClarityLogic remote diagnostic technology. 2013: Clarity launches Alto, the first phone to meet TIA-4953 standards for amplified phones. 2017: Clarity introduces a low-cost wearable sound amplifier, the Clarity Chat.