The Digital Clarity Power™ Difference

What Is Digital Clarity Power™?

Digital Clarity Power™ makes soft sounds audible while keeping loud sounds within a comfortable range. DCP™ is able to identify and specifically amplify the human voice, while eliminating distracting echoes and annoying noises. It is based on the sophisticated, fully digital technology that now dominates the hearing aid industry. This technology is patented by Clarity and was introduced as the first of its kind in the industry.

Digital Clarity Power is based on the digital signal processing technology first used in hearing aids in 1987. Today that technology is a must for any hearing aid user. Clarity is the first telephone supplier to incorporate this patented technology into its products, revolutionizing the amplified telephone industry.

Hearing Better: More Than Just Amplification

The principle of DCP is to give the user the best sound experience possible. This not only includes producing quality sound, but also the ability to customize the sound to perfectly fit the listener’s hearing loss. DCP products offer four different tone settings to provide an experience that may be customized to fit a specific user’s need. The illustration above shows how the four settings relate to each other and the amount of amplification they give to the different frequencies of sound.

The first tone setting is one that emphasizes the low frequency sounds. This is for those who have a hard time hearing lower pitched sounds.The second tone is a flat amplification of all sounds. This is for the user who wants full volume amplification for every type of sound. This is suggested if the user is wearing a digital hearing aid while using the phone.

The third tone setting is our set Clarity Power that begins to focus more on the higher frequency sounds and add speech intelligibility. It is a medium between tone setting two (2) and four (4).The fourth tone setting provides full emphasis on speech intelligibility using Clarity’s Multi-Band Compression. Clarity MBC also enables the phone to amplify the soft sounds to an audible level while controlling the louder sounds, keeping them bearable. This is for the user who may be able to hear the words being spoken, but does not understand or cannot distinguish what is being said.

The Engineering of DCP

Multiband Compression
DCP uses Multiband Compression (MBC) to provide intelligent amplification by using proprietary algorithms to determine which incoming sounds are the human voice and provide more amplification to those sounds while suppressing other unimportant sounds

Acoustic Noise Cancellation
With a normal amplified telephone, sound coming out of the earpiece is picked up by the mouthpiece, creating a feedback loop which listeners notice as an echo, or in worst cases, squealing. DCP uses Acoustic Noise Cancellation to recognize sound that has already been processed and breaks the feedback loop.

Noise Reduction
All telephones, amplified or not, transmit some amount of noise, as well as background noises. While typical amplified telephones often increase these sounds, DCP utilizes Noise Reduction software to suppress them, making conversations more comfortable.

Voice Clarity™
Phones featuring DCP also use Voice Clarity technology to make calls louder, clearer and easier to understand for those on the other end of the phone line.

Truly Hearing Aid Compatible
DCP phones are the first in the world to be truly designed for use with or without hearing aids.

Clarity Products With Digital Clarity Power

Clarity Professional® XL45™
Digital Extra Loud CID Big Button Speakerphone

Clarity Professional® XL40D™
Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone

Clarity Professional® XL50™
Amplified Corded Phone with DCP™

Clarity Professional® C4230™
5.8 GHz Amplified Cordless Phone with DCP™

Clarity Professional® C4220™
5.8 GHz Amplified Cordless Phone with DCP™

Clarity Professional® XLC2™
DECT 6.0 Amplified Cordless Big Button Speakerphone with Talking Caller ID

Clarity Professional® XLC3.4™
DECT 6.0 Amplified Cordless Big Button Speakerphone with Talking Caller ID

Clarity Professional® C4205™
Amplified Cordless Phone with DCP™


Clarity Professional® C2210™
Amplified Corded Phone with DCP™