The Science of Sound

Clarity has been offering life changing solutions for over 40 years. With better performance and more advanced technology, Clarity provides communication solutions to help you maintain an independent, secure, and engaged lifestyle.


Standard phones have little to no enhancement of the sound quality. Conversations on a standard telephone may be impossible for those with hearing loss or in a loud environment.

Clarity Power

Clarity Power telephones use patented technology to amplify and process sound for clear and comfortable conversation. With the tone control, you are able to adjust the sound emphasis to suit your needs.

Digital Clarity Power

Digital Clarity Power is the leading advancement in telephone sound technology. The patented DCP technology only amplifies the human voice while reducing noise. It also increases the volume of soft sounds while keeping loud sounds in a comfortable range.

To experience a demonstration of Clarity's Science of Sound over the phone, dial 1-855-U-LISTEN (1-855-854-7836).

The truth is, not all amplified phones are the same. There is more to a good amplified phone than loudness, just as there is more to a car than how fast it can go. There are many elements that are required to create quality audio for clear conversation. Each Clarity phone contains patented technology to suit your hearing needs, giving you the best telephone experience possible.

What is it that differentiates the Clarity sound?

Clarity is the leading industry innovator. With the most advanced research and engineering team, Clarity is consistently inventing new and better solutions to provide the best experience possible. Clarity is constantly breaking new ground, pushing the entire industry forward with new technologies.

All Clarity phones improve the incoming sound to make it most suitable for those with hearing loss. Clarity provides the ability to adjust the treatment of the sound, providing for a customized and optimized experience. With or with hearing aids, you will be assured clear and comfortable conversation.

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