What is ClarityLife?

ClarityLife is independence for seniors and a helping hand for caregivers. It’s about using technology as a resource to help our parents and grandparents age in place and live better lives longer.

Problem & Solution

America is graying—by 2030, 70.3 million Americans will be 65 or older. And as we age, many of us will be faced with new challenges. Parts of life that were once simple and routine—like using the telephone, remembering to take medications, getting around the house—gradually become more difficult.

ClarityLife is a suite of services to help seniors contend with these new challenges and maintain independence in their latter years. With ClarityLife, the phone becomes more than a communication device. It is an invaluable ally to seniors. It can remind seniors of important dates or when to take medications, and it enables the phone to be adjusted remotely by Clarity should the seniors have technical issues. Furthermore, ClarityLife provides relief to caregivers—keeping them connected to seniors throughout the day and offering reassurance to know that with a push of a button, their loved ones can receive help.

Our parents and grandparents want to Age in Place—or live in their own homes—as long as possible. ClarityLife makes this possibility a reality by offering resources that help the ones we love stay independent.