Who is Clarity?

Clarity, a division of
Plantronics (NYSE: PLT), creates smart communication solutions that help seniors live richer, more engaged lives. Founded more than 40 years ago, Clarity is the world leader in amplified telephones, notification systems and assistive listening devices.
Clarity produces seven distinct lines of products and services: Clarity®, Clarity Professional®, ClarityLife, Clarity AlertMaster®, ClarityLogic™, Ameriphone® and Walker® handset / test sets.
The company’s innovative communication products are all designed to help people with hearing loss, low vision, limited mobility, dexterity issues and other health challenges.
As the industry leader, Clarity has pioneered many firsts. In 2005, Clarity became the first company to integrate the digital sound processing from hearing aids into a standard phone when it launched Digital Clarity Power™. This patented technology gives users unmatched sound performance and comfort, and further established Clarity as the industry’s leading innovator in sound technology.
In 2010, Clarity set another industry first when it launched ClarityLogic, the first and only remote access technology for telephones that allows customer representatives to access and make adjustments for the user. ClarityLogic enables customer reps to program a new number into the phonebook, customize speed dial or adjust amplification—all remotely. This cutting-edge service, which received the Digium Innovation Award in 2011, minimizes product returns and makes the customer service process easier for seniors who have a difficult time hearing, remembering and performing complex, technical instructions given over the phone.
Clarity products can be found everywhere. Available at RadioShack, Meijer and other national retail outlets, and specialty distributors, Clarity offers a diverse series of amplified telephones and personal accessories customized for a range of needs, including mild to moderate or severe hearing loss.
From California to Florida, Clarity products are also available across the US via state telecommunications access programs which provide amplified telephones, notification systems, and TTYs at no cost to US residents with certified hearing loss.
Clarity continues to receive national recognition for its dedication and leadership in providing solutions to seniors and others with health challenges. The company was the first amplified telephone manufacturer to receive the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use commendation and today three different product lines carry the AF’s endorsement. The ClarityLife C900 cellphone, introduced in 2008, has received positive reviews from the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. ClarityLogic has been featured by the New York Times, AARP and CNET. Several Clarity amplified phones have been showcased on national broadcast shows like NBC’s The TODAY Show, CBS’ The Early Show and ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
In 2011, Clarity expanded its capabilities by building a new headquarters in Chattanooga, TN, complete with a state-of-the-art acoustic sciences lab. As a division of the technology leader Plantronics, Clarity has access to resources across the globe in Santa Cruz, California, Mexico and China that will allow the company to further raise the bar in its industry.
Simply put, Clarity is where seniors find innovation for their communication needs. For four decades strong, millions continue to rely on Clarity to communicate at home, at work and throughout their lives.